Catching up…

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I seemed to think that having a blog attached to my website was going to get me more involved with reaching out to my audience.  Obviously since it’s been about 10 months since my last entry, that has not been the case.  To be quite frank, this time frame has been extremely busy and with no new material to showcase, there’s been no other forces nudging me into doing so except simple fear that a nearly empty and stagnant blog would be more of an embarrasment than a marketing tool.

That’s not to say that I’ve been stagnant in my endeavors.  This outlet is no true indicator of what is churning in my brain, nor that which has made it to paper. (Yes I still use paper/pen to write… for me it’s easier to jot down a few sentences on the fly this way)

So what have I been up to?  I’ve written a short story which I will soon be turning into an e-book.  The bottom line is that it is a work of fiction which is intended to touch those who are involved in direct marketing/network marketing/pyramid schemes/whatever new popular name applies to efforts to sell products/services that would otherwise be widely available in a store if anybody really wanted them.  This mini-novelette pokes a little humor at those who jump in without learning any business or marketing savvy using the backdrop of a small resort hotel (one that was depicted in my novel LOST WAGES).  My intent is to provide a means to allow the folks who are going all in and putting friend/family relationships at risk to realize not everyone is excited about their new opportunity.  It will be out soon for a rock bottom price on a major digital media outlet, but I’ll send out free copies through email to anyone who is interested.

I’ve still been working through some ideas for the third book in the LOST WAGES trilogy.  I’m still early in writing and its probably not coming out in 2013, particularly if my newest project starts leading me in another direction.  I’m starting to throw down some rough background for a Las Vegas based TV series that I will be writing.   I’ve been inspired by the new outlets for such shows, between Netflix and YouTube, etc.  Within a short while I will be putting words to paper for the pilot episode and look to put together 12 shows total for a first season.  My intent is to gather a team of people to partner with who could either assist or direct me to individuals that would want to become involved.  Since all I have to bring to the table is my stories, it will be an uphill climb, but I absolutely believe that there will be life for some very interesting characters if I can pull this off.

So as you can see, my time has been filled, in spite of the lack of appearance online in this forum.  Hopefully the next visit will be much sooner!

Take care and cheers!



Spring Cleaning

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So to avoid doing any actual spring cleaning around the house, I decided to work on my website, including tying up the loose end of not having this blog attached to it.  Now that I have remedied this, it seems I am now obligated to periodically make appearances and actually post my thoughts or updates on my writings.

Currently I’m in the planning stages of jumping into novel number 3 which is a continuation of the Griggs family escapades.  I do have a working title “The Noise of Summer” and those of you who know my works probably can guess that Matt Griggs music career will figure prominently.

I’ve been spending more of my free time trying to figure out how to archive some of my old music digitally, and I must say that it’s pretty frustrating.  I’ve got at least a dozen or so DAT tapes of subpar demo performances which I can’t seem to get to work in the old player.  I’m not certain if it’s the machine or the tapes which have not been used in 16 years which is the culprit.  I did manage a couple of songs which I might put onto the music page of my site.

I also have an idea to take some of my original ADAT recordings and get them onto the computer to remix, but for now I’m not pleased with the transfer process so it may be awhile before I can produce any results.  Ugh.

Anyhow, that’s where I stand in this time frame of Spring Cleaning.  Looking forward to a nice warm summer with hopefully renewed energy to push these projects onward!



New Blog!

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It seems that my website www.worldofjamesalexander.com was simply becoming a monthly (or near monthly as I rarely made changes on the 1st of the month) blog without the archiving, etc.  I didn’t really think about that until my dad mentioned something about my “blog” and I quickly put together that he was referring to my site.   Since I don’t wished to be locked into a one month timeframe every time, particularly when the beginning of the month typically has my attention on life and not art, I chose to activate a blog that I will hopefully be able to update more frequently.  I will also try to expand topics from simply how my book is doing and what is on the (very distant) horizon.

I hope you enjoy what I write here and I will try my best to stay out of trouble… no soap-box elevated soliloquy about how much I hate this, that and the other thing.  More simply a means of keeping my friends and family and hopefully fans of my work posted on what is happening in my world.  While Facebook is probably more suited, this at least gives me more of a me-oriented place to stand and deliver versus a mish mosh of short clippings about where I’m dining and what I think of any given topic at the time I fancy to share it with the world.

So hopefully there will be folks checking in to see what goes down here…

Take care,